Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mehdi's Joomla1.5/phpBB3 bridge includes menus in phpBB3 popup windows (+fix)

After enabling visual integration in Mehdi's Joomla! 1.5 / PhpBB 3 bridge, you may notice that phpBB3 popup windows like "more smilies" and "new private message" contain Joomla! menus just like other forum pages. This is obviously not the expected behavior.

To fix this, you need to modify the bridge's code a little bit.
Open joomphpbb_engine2.php and find the following line:

if (($joomIntegrate&1)==1) { //disable visual

After this line, insert the following code:

//----- disable visual for popups 
if (isEq('mode', 'smilies') || isEq('mode', 'popup')) {
  $joomIntegrate= ($joomIntegrate & 2);

This works for the two windows mentioned above, you may need to add mode conditions for other popup windows that I have not found yet.

I notified Mehdi about this error so let's hope he includes the fix in his next release.

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